New Golf Course Design

Good soils, good drainage, and good topography are key to building a great golf course, so if you are a developer, municipality, or land owner thinking about investing in a a new golf course, we can help you understand what makes a certain property good golf ground, or help you locate the optimal portion of your existing land to use for your golf course. In addition, we can help you develop your vision for your project.

 Once the boundaries for your new course are determined, we will set out to learn the lay of the land and produce a routing and master plan that best uses the key features of your property. The rest of the design process is outlined in Our Approach, but in a nutshell, it culminates with detailed architectural drawings of the golf course (collectively called “Construction Documents”) that are used to secure a qualified contractor and complete your project as designed. 


  • Golf Related Land Use Planning 
  • Master Plan Development 
  • Strategic Design Development of Each Golf Hole 
  • 3-D Visualization and/or Graphic Renderings  
  • Detailed Construction Documents
  • Construction and Grow-in Inspection 

Existing Course Renovation, Remodeling or Restoration 

If you are renovating an existing golf course to re-position it in a tough golf market, or restoring an old gem back to it’s former glory, we can help you identify the project‘s opportunities and challenges, and gain an understanding of the scope of your project. Based upon the analysis and assessments, we can provide you with a complete renovation plan or a Phased and Prioritized Capital Improvement Plan (PPCIP.) ™  


  • Golf Course Analysis (report)
  • Existing Conditions Assessment Plan (CAD drafted)
  • Renovation Master Plan and Prioritized Capital Improvement Plan
  • Forward Tee and Overall Course Length Assessment
  • Bunker, Tee, and/or Green Renovation/remodeling plans
  • Drainage Remediation
  • Cost Estimates 

*We have experience with the public sector and our CIP plans are very user-friendly.  

Short Course and Practice Facilities

Are you looking for an architect to design game development facilities? We can provide you with the guidance necessary to further develop your vision for your project, and the construction documents to make your vision a reality. 

  • Golf Academies 
  • Driving Ranges 
  • Private estate facilities 
  • Pitch-n-Putt courses  •  Putting greens 
  • Executive 9’s 
  • Par 3’s 


Destination Branding and Marketing 

Kari has been involved in various facets of strategic planning and development of vision and mission statements for over 20 years. She can help your marketing or public relations professionals develop a vision for your project that meets the goals of your project and targets the appropriate market whether public, private, resort, golf academy, or anything in between! This service is only offered in conjunction with master planning services or renovation services.


  • Vision Development
  • Destination Branding and Identity Development
  • Public Relations and Marketing Recommendations 

Kari Haug | Sustainable Golf Course Design